About Us

Agroinver is a company dedicated to greenhouses’ design and construction, close to Almería’s Intensive Agriculture which is world wide known.

We are leaders in our sector thanks to our structures quality and advanced design of our projects, due to the latest technical improvements and high qualified and experienced staff involved on it

Our main objective is to satisfy our customers’ needs and to provide the best service to our national and international clients. We are really concerned about deadlines and procedures as we follow strict quality processes and that is why we are known as an industry reference.

Our Work

Our commitment begins with product design, which is divided into the following stages.

Initial Stage

Design, development and project viability.

Project Stage

Fieldwork, topographic measurements, technical projects endorsed by a professional association.

Development Stage

Execution of installations.

Final Stage

Consultancy and structure maintenance.

Professional Staff

  • José Álvarez Alonso
    José Álvarez Alonso Manager
  • Juan M. Sánchez Moreno
    Juan M. Sánchez Moreno Technical Director
  • Isabel Carrillo Cazorla
    Isabel Carrillo Cazorla Finance Director
  • Fco. Javier Escobar López
    Fco. Javier Escobar López Administration Department
  • Konstantin Petkov Kalin
    Konstantin Petkov Kalin Factory Director
  • José Antonio Acién Torres
    José Antonio Acién Torres Construction Director
  • Javier Fernández Alcalde
    Javier Fernández Alcalde Marketing & Export Manager

Quality Certificates

As we pretend to get the highest quality, in Agroinver we are audit yearly to certify the services provided.

That is why, yearly, the Spanish Normalization and Certification Association credit as with AENOR ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate, confirming our position as a leader in the sector. This certification establishes basic premises of quality, safety, occupational protection and customer service.

Our drive for continuous improvement and eagerness to offer our customers the most advanced technology has allowed us to become the first to offer customers  projects presentation with the best technical resources and CAD programmes, aerial photos, topography equipment… which model the project with the utmost precision and make best use of available space.

Customized service, consultancy and professionalism are the qualities for which we are renowned and which meet the needs of every customer.


Parque Tecnológico PITA

As we are concerned with the improvement and development of our infrastructure on agriculture, in Agroinver we are proud to have an office in Parque Científico-Tecnológico de Almería. That place us in the epicenter of innovation and development to provide our customers the best service.


Tecnova Fundation


In Agroinver, we are proud to be patrons of technological centre Tecnova, placed in Almería.