I + D + i

In Agroinver we are not only worried about maintaining our projects’ quality, we are firmly focussed on the search for products and services within the context of improved quality and service, collaborating with Tecnova Foundation and being members of ‘Tipo Almería Greenhouses’ comission.

Research testing

Research testing for the design and implementation of occupational risk prevention systems, based on a research project carried out in collaboration with Almería University’s Rural Engineering Department at its ANECOOP installations.

R+D+i Projects

R+D+i projects through Andalusia Council’s IDEA Agency for the development of a new greenhouse structure which permits easier assembly, greater use of light and improved ventilation, with a view to increased productivity.


Member of the commission for the standardisation of the Almeria Greenhouse by AENOR in collaboration with the Tecnova Foundation.

Latest developments

Improved natural ventilation rates compared to other structures.

Increased incident light on crops.

Structure with increased resistance to wind and snow.

Structural airtightness to protect against entrance of pests.

Improvements in construction processes and systems.

Prevention of occupational risks during construction and greenhouse lifespan.

Technological integration with the greenhouse structure.

Economic profitability, for a rapid return on investment.

Easy-to-assemble design.