At Agroinver we promote constant research and the development of improvements in agri-food infrastructures through our collaboration with various entities such as the Tecnova Foundation. We are active members and members of its commission for the standardization of the Almería-type greenhouse.

Research testing

Research testing for the design and implementation of occupational risk prevention systems, based on a research project carried out in collaboration with Almería University’s Rural Engineering Department at its ANECOOP installations.

R+D+i Projects

R+D+i projects through Andalusia Council’s IDEA Agency for the development of a new greenhouse structure which permits easier assembly, greater use of light and improved ventilation, with a view to increased productivity.


Member of the commission for the standardisation of the Almeria Greenhouse by AENOR in collaboration with the Tecnova Foundation.

Projects and advances in which they worked

  • Improve the natural ventilation rate of our structures.
  • Increase solar radiation on crops, a source of natural energy.
  • Increase the light reaching the crop in the most equitable way possible.
  • Greater adaptability of our structures to the land.
  • Increase protection against pests, greater hermeticism and sealing.
  • Reduce materials and improve sustainability Greater efficiency in construction processes and systems.
  • Make our structures more comfortable and safe. Improve everything related to occupational risk prevention.
  • Increase the useful life of our greenhouses and systems.
  • Improve the profitability of our greenhouses, ensuring a faster return on investment.