It’s not just about designing and building greenhouses.

Many different elements are involved in the success of a plantation. It is necessary to take into account the environmental needs of the crop, those of the land and the climatic conditions where it will be carried out, the resources available and the budget available.

Everything must be assessed in order to optimize the designs and avoid future surprises.

We develop comprehensive ‘turnkey’ projects for farmers and entrepreneurs who want to have a benchmark and optimized farm.

They range from simple family installations to large multifunctional venues with the installation of specific ventilation and lighting systems, anterooms, shading and/or thermal screens, misting and humidification systems, or any other climate control and automation equipment.

Almeria Greenhouse

The greenhouse is a structure which, in addition to protecting crops from adverse weather conditions, permits the passage of sunlight whilst minimising heat loss.

  • Low cost structures, with reduced energy consumption and increased productivity as a result.
  • Structural advantages: adapts to ground topography, increased wind resistance.
  • High capacity for rainwater drainage via drainage channels, which permit recirculation and exploitation.
  • High capacity for rainwater drainage via drainage channels, which permit recirculation and exploitation. Variety of uses: Shade cloth, greenhouse. Additionally allows conversion from one system to another at low cost.

Multitunnel Greenhouse

Multitunnel Greenhouse are ‘Tipo Almería’ evolution. They are more technical and characterized by its roof and completely metallic structure.

Main characteristics are:

  • Higher cost and technification needs in opposition with ‘raspa’ and ‘amagao’
  • Lower obstacles in structure interior.
  • Its height facilitate air circulation.
  • High airtightness and watertightness. Makes full use of light and heat.
  • Easy installation as it is prefabricated

Another Services

Agricultural Raft

Having a safe and well built raft can mean a significant water saving for your farm. In Agroinver, our construction services for agricultural rafts comprises from construction as such, to waterproofing and roofing, with the aim of storing water and using it for agricultural irrigation.

Agricultural Warehouse

Our agricultural warehouses allow the farmer to carry out logistic tasks such as: handlingpost-harvest treatmentclassification of vegetable products or waste, storage of agricultural machinery or the use of irrigation booth for cultivation.

Technical Advice

In Agroinver, we not only build greenhouses, but our qualified technicians take the advice, leaning on the latest state-of-the-art technology, through CAD design programs, with aerial imagessurveying equipment, etc. Customized attention, advice and professionalism, are qualities that distinguish us and that are at the height of our increasingly demanding clients.